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C2 Maintenance

Vårt unike vedlikeholdsvaskemiddel C2 Maintenance som inneholder Lithium gjør det enkelt og rimelig å vedlikeholde dine betonggulv.
Avhengig av trafikk, brukes C2 Maintenance som vanlig vaskemiddel og dermed tilføres underlaget Lithium som holder underlaget
støvfritt, blankt og rent. Enkleste vedlikeholdsystemet på markedet.

"Regular upkeep on C² floors will extend the lifetime of the concrete, reducing the costs of re-treatment. Furthermore, C² Maintenance
is the only product on the market today that is specially formulated with lithium for the conservation of concrete surfaces. A commitment
to service and maintenance is extremely important in protecting your investment and the best method to increase the surface’s longevity."

  • A unique, proprietary concentrated lithium based cleaner.
  • Designed specifically for concrete floors treated with lithium hardeners.
  • Contains a lithium hardener-densifier that helps maintain concrete hardness.
  • Perfect for use on all indoor applications especially retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing plants to shopping malls, hospitals,
    schools and restaurants and many others.
  • Can be used as an effective maintenance cleaner for almost any concrete floor including concrete treated with sodium and potassium silicates.

C2 Maintenance

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